Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.

Born and raised in Israel, Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., has spent more than 30 years working as a psychologist in private practice in Maryland. He began his professional career originally as an economist but decided to go back to school and become a psychologist so he could better help people. Switching countries and vocations offered him insight into helping others, as did the experience of living through wars. Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., draws on experience with PTSD, trauma, and anxiety associated with war and helps his patients deal with their own issues. In addition, he provides psychotherapy to children, families, couples and groups.

Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., also spent almost 14 years as the chief psychologist for the Child and Adolescence Department for the Jewish Social Service Agency in Rockville, Maryland. Before that, he spent three years in rural Illinois as clinical director of the Center for Children’s Services in Danville.

Dr. Ben-Ami earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Maryland and completed his supervised training in Maryland at the Children’s Guild in Baltimore and the Health Department Drug Alternatives program in Silver Spring.